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“The teaser trailer for ‘Iron Man 3? is heavy on the endangered Goop” links

Posted in Celebrity News on 22nd October 2012

The teaser trailer for Iron Man 3. [Pajiba]
Look at these crazy photos of Lindsay Lohan. Jesus. [Dlisted]
Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel’s wedding cost $ 6 million? [LaineyGossip]
Michael Fassbender & Natalie Portman film a wedding scene. *seethes* [Pop Sugar]
More photos from the Luxembourg royal wedding. [Go Fug Yourself]
Suri Cruise looks sad in her puffy pink coat. [A Socialite Life]
Yeah. Chris Brown and Rihanna are back together. [The Blemish]
This Missouri pastor is AWESOME. [Gawker]
Zac Efron is actually kind of… sexy? [OMG Blog]
James Franco dating Ashley Benson? Probably not. [Dramarama]
Gwen Stefani’s happy-family photo-op at the pumpkin patch. [Celebrity Baby Scoop]
Olga Kurylenko & Danny Huston are still getting pap’d a lot. [Moe Jackson]
Why would you get on Twitter and make fun of Adele’s baby? [Evil Beet]
Emma Stone politely asks the paps to stop following her. [ICYDK]
Photos from the Gossip Girl wrap party! [Amy Grindhouse]
Maria Menounos in purple – very pretty. [Popoholic]
Courtney Stodden still has a relationship with an ex-boyfriend. [Starcasm]
Elisabetta Canalis shows George Clooney what he’s missing. [Celebslam]


Lindsay Lohan is drinking a bottle & a half of vodka a day, says Michael Lohan

Posted in Celebrity News on 22nd October 2012

As we discussed yesterday, there was a boatload of Lohan drama over the weekend. The whole mess began on Friday, when Michael Lohan and some people showed up at Lindsay’s Beverly Hills home (?) to do an “intervention”. Lindsay wouldn’t let them in and she called the police on Michael, and it was just a typical Lohan mess. Lindsay let TMZ know that her dad is awful and Dina chimed in as well (using her own name, not “Steve Honig”). Well, there are some new developments, and they’re just as crackie as everything else. First, Michael tells TMZ that the intervention WAS sanctioned by the Cracken’s team of enablers, because Lindsay’s partying is so out of control, it’s even starting to bother them:

Michael Lohan was NOT ALONE in orchestrating an emergency intervention on Lindsay Friday — and TMZ has seen emails proving that her ENTIRE team, including her lawyers and her manager … were 100% on board.

The emails are between Michael, Evan Hainey (LiLo’s manager) Dave Feldman (entertainment lawyer) and Shawn Holley (criminal defense lawyer). The emails were sent between Sept. 23rd and Oct. 18th (the day before Michael’s intervention).

Michael emailed Evan and Shawn on Sept. 23rd, claiming he had been informed by several people Lindsay was “drinking between a bottle and a bottle and a half of vodka per day” adding, “I have seen the empty bottles and even cocaine in her room at Chateau.”

Michael continues, “She is AGAIN, taking pills to keep her up and to sleep (adderall)!! I even know that she is and was drinking during work as far back as Liz and Dick!”

Michael then pleads, “I am asking you to PLEASE PLEASE find a way to get her to LA toward the end of the first week of October or the beginning of the second so we can do an intervention and FINALLY end this madness!”

LiLo’s manager Evan responds the same day to Michael and Shawn, “I am hearing the same things.” Evan continues, Lindsay will fly back to L.A. Oct 15th — and they should plan an intervention for that week. Lindsay’s lawyer Shawn responds unequivocally, “Let’s do it.”

On Oct. 12th Michael and LiLo’s entertainment lawyer, Dave, sent multiple emails to each other — planning a conference call with a well-known interventionist, named Earl Hightower. Then on Oct. 18th (the day before the intervention) Michael sent an email to Evan … revealing a plan to confront LiLo at her Bev Hills home.

According to text messages from Oct 19th, which we have also seen, the group decided Michael would confront LiLo FIRST … and everyone else would show up afterwards. TMZ broke the story … the emergency intervention floundered — Michael showed up to Lindsay’s pad, but she turned him away and called the cops … which put a kabosh on the whole thing.

[From TMZ]

Does anyone have any doubt that Lindsay is consuming that much alcohol? Does anyone have any doubt that she’s also popping pills, doing lines and probably a lot more? I’m here to tell you – none of this is anything new. And if you believe she’s a Crack Monster, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to believe Michael Lohan. Also: where was Steve Honig on this email chain? Oh, right. I still think one of the funniest untold stories of the Crack Monster is that she and her mom created “Steve Honig” out of thin air.

Now, TMZ also spoke to Lindsay’s siblings, including ALI! Ali has been “missing” for months. Allegedly, she went to South Korea to model, and this is the first time we’ve heard anything about her since then. Ali spoke to her father directly through her statement to TMZ: “Please stop waging your own personal war against my family. We don’t need you to intervene because we can take care of ourselves without you, as we have been all these years.” Michael Jr. said, “I think it’s unfortunate that the public had to be unwittingly invited into the lives of my family members due to my father’s lies” and Cody says, “I have no good memories of my so called father. He has never been part of my life, he needs to leave my family alone.” TMZ points out that none of them actually contradicts what Michael Lohan has said about Lindsay.

So, what’s the next step in this crack drama? Allegedly, Michael is going to go to court and try to get Lindsay put in some kind of conservatorship, like Britney Spears has. Except the Cracken is totally f—king broke (if not millions of dollars in debt), and there really isn’t much to “protect” or “conserve” you know? Unless you’re trying to “conserve” Lindsay’s health, in which case HAHAHAHA. Yeah. She will never submit to it, and the California court system has already given up on her. Blah. Another day, another crack drama.

Photos courtesy of WENN.



Adele gave birth to a baby boy on Friday, she & Simon Konecki reportedly ‘ecstatic’

Posted in Celebrity News on 22nd October 2012

Adele has finally given birth! Allegedly! It’s being widely reported in the UK media, so I think it’s for real. Apparently, Adele gave birth on Friday… to a baby boy! We don’t know the name yet. Adele’s last name is Adkins and her baby-daddy’s name is Simon Konecki. Will the name be… something like… Harry Ginger Adkins-Konecki? Unknown.

Adele has reportedly given birth to a baby boy. New reports claim that the 24-year-old singer and partner Simon Konecki welcomed their child on Friday night.

She is said to be ‘ecstatic’ by the baby’s arrival.

A source is quoted as saying: ‘Adele and Simon are ecstatic at their new arrival. She was over the moon that they were expecting their first child together.’

Her spokesman said of Friday night’s reported birth: ‘We are not releasing a statement at this time. No comment.’

Adele announced her pregnancy back in June, writing on her official blog: ‘I’m delighted to announce that Simon and I are expecting our first child together. I wanted you to hear the news direct from me, obviously we’re over the moon and very excited but please respect our privacy at this precious time. Yours always, Adele xx’

Adele and Simon started dating last summer and moved in together earlier this year. Simon also has a five-year-old daughter with his ex-wife Clary Fisher.

It’s double (07) excitement for Adele. She is hoping for chart success with her theme tune for upcoming Bond movie Skyfall. The singer, who officially released the track last Friday, explained that she had been slightly hesitant at first about taking on such a mammoth task, but after reading the movie script, she decided she wanted to combat the challenge.

Speaking on a US TV show recently, Bond star Daniel Craig said: ‘When Adele’s name came up I just jumped at it, I just said, “We have to get her.” I just thought that she has the voice and she’s got the tone that we wanted.’

The theme tune, also titled Skyfall, marks Adele’s first new music since multi-milllion selling second album 21, released in January 2011.

[From The Mail]

Congratulations to Adele. I really am happy for her, and I truly don’t want all of this to end up a complete mess. I’m throwing a side-eye at Simon because I think his situation is somewhat sketchier than Adele has been led to believe (the questions over whether or not he’s actually divorced, plus he seems to come from family money, maybe…?). I’m also a little bit sad about all of this because I worry that Adele will stop recording and touring and stuff now that she’s a mum. Still… congrats to Adele and Simon! I’m glad everyone is doing okay, and I hope the baby is a ginger.

Photos courtesy of WENN.



Lindsay Lohan is “pissed” that Michael Lohan tried to stage an intervention

Posted in Celebrity News on 22nd October 2012

Sigh. I actually made a conscious choice to NOT write about Lindsay Lohan on Thursday and Friday, despite the fact that there was news about her. Now it’s a moot point, a nonsensical stand to take on my part. Because the crack drama will never end, however long the earth spins on its axis, so too will there be Lohan crack drama. First, let me just get this story out of the way. On Wednesday, author/screenwriter Bret Easton Ellis tweeted (and then deleted) this: “Patrick Bateman has just headed over to Lindsay Lohan’s hotel to confront her as to why she missed her f**king ADR on ‘The Canyons’ today…” ADR is Automatic Dialog Replacement, that’s when an actor has to go in and dub their own lines because the mic didn’t pick it up or there was sound interference or something. BEE is saying that Lohan was scheduled to do her dubbing and she blew it off. Which sounds completely normal for her. It’s not even notable.

Next story… on Friday, Michael Lohan and a bunch people showed up at “Lindsay’s Beverly Hills home” (????) for an “intervention”. This story makes absolutely no sense.

Cops just showed up at Lindsay Lohan’s Beverly Hills home after Michael Lohan and others tried to stage an intervention to get Lindsay into treatment … TMZ has learned.

Michael Lohan and several others showed up at Lindsay’s house Friday afternoon … believing she has fallen off the wagon … and they believe that’s why she has become a no-show for post-production work on her upcoming movie, “The Canyons.”

We spoke to Michael outside Lindsay’s place … and he said his daughter is surrounding herself with “a bunch of alcoholics and drug addicts.”

Michael also claims Lindsay’s entire team is on board with the intervention, though we cannot confirm that.

We’re told Lindsay was at the house when Michael and team arrived, but someone claiming to be her boyfriend shooed them away. The “boyfriend” told TMZ Lindsay was inside and any problems Lindsay has will not be solved by her father.

Someone called the cops to report a trespassing call. Cops are currently on scene.

UPDATE: 4:35PM PT Police have left Lindsay’s house … and so has Michael.

[From TMZ]

TMZ then had a predictable story which came straight from Lindsay’s a—hole, basically saying that she’s “pissed” that her father staged an intervention because she has NO ISSUES with drugs or alcohol (eyeroll) and Lindsay wouldn’t even open the door to her crazy father, etc. Lindsay is still pissed that Michael taped their conversation a few weeks ago, the same conversation when Lindsay told Michael that Dina was on cocaine. Lindsay thinks that Michael is “feigning concern as a ploy to get back in her good graces.” Dina feels the same way, telling TMZ, “This sole act by my ex was not an intervention nor was this extreme antic sanctioned by any member of Lindsay’s family or her professional team of handlers. It’s all about her father obsessed with making a name for himself in the news once again. It’s sad and I hope he stops masquerading as her father in public and starts acting like one in private.”

I have several questions. One, where is Lindsay’s “Beverly Hills home” and why is this the first we’ve heard of it? Is it a new rental or something? If she’s had the home for a while, why is she always staying at the Marmont? Also: Dina says Lindsay has a “professional team of handlers”? Why does that not inspire confidence? People who are well-adjusted and sober don’t NEED a professional team of handlers. And my final question: is anyone else beginning to wonder if Dina is worse off than Lindsay? And by that I mean I’m beginning to think that Dina is more of a mess in total, and that’s saying a lot.

Photos courtesy of WENN.



Heidi Montag appears in Vegas after a year away: sad or not that bad?

Posted in Celebrity News on 21st October 2012

The last time we wrote about Heidi Montag, it was September 2011. So, it’s been more than a year since an image of Heidi Montag has graced this site. Have you missed her? Not so much, right? I had actually forgotten about her completely. In 2010, and at the age of 23, Heidi underwent more than a dozen plastic surgery procedures, for literally NO REASON. Like, she had her “back scooped” and she had breast augmentation and a crazy amount of Botox and on and on. What was sad/ridiculous about the whole thing is that all of the surgeries made her look rather freakish and weird – go and look at my last post about her, which I wrote 13 months ago. She looked AWFUL. Like her body was rejecting all of the surgeries and Botox, and everything about her just looked swollen and toxic.

Well, these are some new photos of Heidi in Las Vegas over the weekend. She hosted the “Crazy Horse III Gentlemen’s Club’s three-year anniversary party at Playground.” She still looks… off. I swear, her bolt-ons look even bigger, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she had gone in and gotten bigger implants at some point in the past year. As for the rest of her… she doesn’t look so puffy and sickly as she did last year, but she still doesn’t look like the picture of health or anything. According to the Las Vegas Sun, Spencer Pratt was at the event but he didn’t walk the red carpet. They also say that Spencer is currently enrolled at USC for a degree in political science, which is news to me.

A few days ago, Heidi did an interview with Access Hollywood which got some attention. When asked about all of her plastic surgery, Heidi said: “I would never do it again and I never recommend it for anyone. I was definitely way in over my head. I’m glad it worked out and you can’t really reverse time. I kind of wanted a few enhancements and then it kind of got out of hand. I wasn’t told really the repercussions and what would happen, emotionally and psychically and the pain I would be in. I was kind of in shock.” She said she hasn’t had anything else done since then and now she’s “focused now on being healthy, alive and strong. If you’re not beautiful inside it really doesn’t matter what you look like outside, and I think I kind of lost track of that.”

Heidi also talked a bit about her money situation in the interview too, saying that her “one regret” about being out of the spotlight these days is that she “only misses the money… If we would have saved our money, it would have been better. I’ve never really counted, so I’m not sure [how much we lost], a lot… over a million or so.” You can read more of the interview here. She actually sounds kind of… over the Hollywood thing, maybe? Like she’s spent the last few years learning how to be less of a famewhore. She and Spencer have been married for four years and together for six years in total. Ugh.

Photos courtesy of WENN.



Tom Hiddleston, lovely & dashing in a tuxedo in London: would you hit it?

Posted in Celebrity News on 21st October 2012

At this point, I know that as soon as we have new Tom Hiddleston photos, I must post them all immediately and slowly back away, never turning my back on the rabid Hiddles Fan Girls who have a need to devour images of their boy. These are new pics of Hiddleston at the BFI London Film Festival Awards in London last night. The London Film Festival this year seemed kind of busted… meaning that whatever the quality of the films shown at the festival, there was a serious lack of quality celebrities and actors on the red carpets. I remember last year’s London Film Festival… there was A-list talent all over the place. I guess this must have been an off year. But maybe not… because Hiddles is here to make it all better.

I do think he looks rather lovely and dashing in these photos. You can really see why he can so easily slip into period costumes… he just has that kind of “look,” that kind of face. He could easily fit into World War I or II with that face. He could be a hero in a Jane Austen (more Bingley that Darcy, but still). He could be the impertinent, hedonistic Caesar in ancient Rome. I do think he’s wearing makeup in these photos. Either that or it’s a poorly applied spray tan or self-tanner. Also: GORGEOUS profile. I could stare at his profile for a long, long time.

Tom was recently in Iceland filming the Thor sequel, as evidenced by his tweets. This has gotten all of the comic book people excited, of course. We already knew that Loki would be coming back in Thor: The Dark World, but the fan boys and girls got nerd-boners when Hiddles tweeted this a few days ago: “Sometimes the answer is to climb the nearest mountain and everything is better. Literally. Not a metaphor. #iceland”. Whatever, ladies. Just look at the photos and don’t bite me!

Photos courtesy of Daniel Deme / WENN.com.



George Clooney brings Lhuillier-clad Stacy Keibler to LA charity event

Posted in Celebrity News on 21st October 2012

These are some new photos of George Clooney and Stacy Keibler last night in LA at the 26th Anniversary Carousel Of Hope Ball (Presented By Mercedes-Benz). So… they’re still together. Good to know. I actually had to choose these photos very carefully, because there were several pics where George looked like he was having a stroke and Stacy was his young nurse who was half-carrying him down the red carpet. I’m just saying… Clooney’s motto of “I keep getting older and they stay the same age” has reached a critical point. He looks less like a carefree bachelor enjoying the pleasures of younger ladies and more like an old fart who doesn’t know what to do with it now that he bought it. Something nice: George and Stacy were at the event because George was being honored with the Brass Ring Award for his years of humanitarian work.

And yes, Stacy is a hot mess. Her dress is Monique Lhuillier. It’s… eh. I mean, it’s not awful. I think I would have liked the dress if the colors were different, or if it was a solid color (maybe a deep wine color, or a metallic). It feels very “establishment” and like she’s saying stylistically that she knows the event isn’t about her, but she still wants to look nice and well-put-together. The dress honestly reminds me of something Rita Wilson would wear to one of Tom Hanks’s premieres.

Everything past the dress is kind of bad, though. Why can’t Clooney buy Stacy a decent hair stylist? Why does her hair look so awful so consistently? I mean, I guess we should be thankful that it’s not another ratty bird’s nest hairstyle, but this looks like an awkward helmet. Also: I think Stacy is trying to ease herself into a darker shade. She’s slowly and subtly stepping away from the blonde. Clooney does seem to prefer brunettes, from what I can see.

Last thing: did George buy Stacy some new bolt-ons? Discuss.

Photos courtesy of FayesVision/WENN.com.



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